Here are some links that you may use frequently if you browse /k/: A magical place. is the archiver that serves our board. If something 404s, mods get to it, or it gets deleted, it will be here. ARCHIVE IS KILL The official /k/ map. Use this to find local gunstores, shooting ranges, innawoods locations, or even fellow /k/ommandos in your area! 3,977 markers as of 12/09/14 Another magical place. What's the gun in that film/videogame? Look here. Is it TEOTWAWKI? Need to rebuild civilization? Here's your info. is one of the best informational gun sites on the web. Anything else that can't be answered, you know what to do. A torrent containing 5GB of declassified Military technical and Field Manuals. KickAssTorents is kill A torrent containing over 5GB of instructional manuals for various brands of Firearms. KickAssTorents is kill A good website that has the do/k/ument and other information /k/ users might be interested in Looking for milsurp? Check here. great search engine for multiple online gun stores- compare price find guns etc.