Introduction Edit

Pistol caliber carbines are a good choice if you want a nice gun to plink with, hunt small game with, and trek with outdoors. Currently, there are multiple choices for pistol caliber carbines, with some being extremely cheap, and some being ludicrously expensive.

Carbines (Pictures Soon)Edit

Calico Series

Calibers: 9x19, .22 LR, multiple in pre-production


-50 to 100 round magazines

-Fully Ambidextrous

-Ejects Downwards

-Non Reciprocating Charging Handle

-Collapsible Stocks in most models

-Pistol Version Available

Price: 600-1000 USD Depending on where you find it.

Incredibly bizarre carbines that defy all logic. The magazines are shaped like a cylinder, and are the basis for multiple foreign SMGs made by Russian and communist heathens like the Bizon, PP-90, and the Chang Feng. Magazines are VERY Expensive, and the 100 round magazines are not very reliable. I've done some accuracy tests, and they seem quite good. Beware of the bolt hold open device, as it can break easily.

Ruger Police Carbine (New)

Calibers: 9x19


-Removable magwell allows use of both Glock and Ruger magazines

-Built around a takedown system allowing you to remove the barrel, possibly allowing for future caliber conversion kits

Price: 600-700 USD

Ruger recently announced and began shipping a new and improved Police Carbine that has been modernized. While not truly tested by the general public, consensus on it so far is that its pretty good. This probably will be the go to PCC for a while.

Marlin Camp Carbine

Calibers: 9x19, .45 ACP


-Uses S&W 59 series magazines in 9x19

-Uses 1911 Magazines in .45 ACP

-Substantial Amount of Aftermarket

Price: 600-1000 USD

These have not been made since 1999, but parts are still plentiful and since it can use 1911 and 59 Series magazines, magazines are still produced. While nice guns, they have fallen out of popularity and can get expensive.

MP5 Clones/Variants

Calibers: 9x19, .40 S&W, 10mm


-Can be converted to full auto if you have a registered H&K Sear

-Is an MP5

-Battle proven and reliable

-Very Iconic

-Allows you to LARP as someone from Rainbow Six

Price: 1400-3000 USD

MP5 clones are very expensive for what they are. The magazines cost about 60 USD and can only really be found on one website. They have began to have a resurgence however, as multiple companies are now importing Licensed MP5 clones from multiple countries. The most popular are Zenith from Turkey and POF out of Pakistan. H&K has also seen the demand for these, as they are now producing the SP5K, which is a semi auto MP5K variant. The prices have gone down for the most part, so if you really do want an MP5, you can get them from multiple online sources.