The Murder/k/ube, all glory be to it.

The Murder/k/ube, sometimes written normally as 'Murdercube,' Is a staple of /k/ threads. It was concieved during an attempted gun-gore thread, where images of broken, melted, and otherwise inoperable firearms were to be posted. It quickly generated a fan-following and a sub-religion among /k/ommandos.

Cult FollowingEdit

The Murder/k/ube, in its position as a pseudo-deity, has become the center of a cult of sorts, being praised and worshipped by /k/ommandos; some even seek it out to pray in person.

While views differ greatly from person to person, multiple things have been stated about the Murder/k/ube's capabilities, among which is an afterlife of sorts, where a /k/ommando's soul is accepted into the murder/k/ube.